We build the future!The latest technology.

We offer an all round desktop application development for our clients.

Our clients' request will be accomplished in every aspect!

Your business needs are regularly consulted with our colleagues, you can gain insight during the development process of your software and have additional comments that could potentially help our work to put your thoughts into reality.

As soon as the software is complete it is ready to use. If you need any assistance or the software requires modifications or upgrades, feel free to contact us.


Desktop alkalmazások

We fulfill your dreams!The most dynamic solutions.

The cloud based software development is one of the main aspects of the IT since 2010.

The common attributes of the cloud based applications are that the data is stored on the service provider's devices and servers, which can be accessed via internet connection by the users.

These systems provide an enormous advantage, that you can access your product through any device that is connected to the internet.

This way, we will save the cost of expensive hardwares and softwares.


Cloud rendszerek

We build the future!The most creative possibilities.

A robot is an electromechanical system, which is able to move its mechanical modules automatically by well-defined, coded and refined softwares.

It is possible to control it manually as well as automatically by a computer or by a newly emerging technology, distributed intelligence, overseen by microcontrollers. Usually robots replace works which would be too dangerous, difficult or monotonous for a human being, but it could be done more safely, precisely and faster by a robot.


Mikrovezérlők, robotika

We build the future!Providing the most mobile freedom.

On a global scale customers have around 2 billion (s.c.) smartphone and 1 billion (s.c.) tablet.

The mobile section's most anticipated feature are the apps. Forrester's recent (2014) study in the United States show that 85% of the time spent on mobiles belongs to applications.

1. Coordination
2. Planning
3. Implementation


Mobil applikációk

We build the future!Providing the most customized systems.

We have more than 20 years of experience in planning, implementing and operating IT infrastructures. Our experts remotely monitor everything. All you have to do is to draw up the goals you wish to achieve and our colleagues will create the most reliable, cost-efficient solutions with your criteria, from the first thoughts to the last line of code.


Szerverek üzemeltetése

What steps does aProjecthave?

Our team will only take on projects with 100% satisfaction guarantee!

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Consultation phase The most important for us is our Partners being content with our work, thus we elaborate our development strategies considering their needs.We wish to achieve 100% satisfaction and outstanding business relationship with our customers. One of its base is a precise needs assessment.
Write us your needs, concept, your ideas and we will recommend a customized offer.

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Design phase Design
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Design phase In cooperation with our customers we provide an optimal step-by-step, customized and well defined design and planning phase, as well as create and guarantee future-viable solutions which will satisfy our parters' needs and business processes.

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Development phase Development
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Maintenance phase Maintenance
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Development phase The development is well defined and most systems provide a real-time inspection and execution to assure our customers, that their softwares and applications are following our partners' ideas with the highest quality as well as fit into their budget and the project would be ready to use by the deadline.

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Maintenance phase Maintenance
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Consultation phase Consultation
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Maintenance phase Everything changes in our personal lives as time goes by, it is the same with softwares as well. We will make sure that your software is up-to-date, its settings and modifications are getting the appropriate changes in order to operate under the new conditions.

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Consultation phase Consultation
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Development phase Development

If You as a decision maker:

  • Do you feel like you are dissatisfied with doing only administrative duties?
  • Did you lose control over your on-going cases, tasks and projects?
  • Do you spend most of your time on activities and tasks which do not make profit?

If one of the answers to these questions is yes, then there are duties and tasks in your company, which could be optimized and simplified. These could be made profitable and cost-efficient.
Many forget about the IT's possibilities. You don't have to have a degree in IT, just contact us with your problems to be solved and our company's consultant will contact you and measure your needs, problems and will bring you specific software development solutions and offers, customized and optimized for your company's operation and functioning.

In matter of the offer, you can decide if you wish to have a special software developed, if it worth investing in it in terms of your company's future. We emphasize that we always aim to fulfill our client's needs and interest. The price of our software is entirely dependent on the desired functions and tasks to be taken care of or completed.

Contact us now, so you can plan and build your future with us sooner!
- Special Software Team -

We offer 100% satisfactory guarantee for every one of our work.

  • We do not change our agreed prices to cause inconveniences to our customers!
  • In case of webdesign we make at least two plans before the final appearance!
  • We assure you that the sites made by us will have continuous advertising and will be displayed on social sites as well!
  • Unique, custom developed, user friendly site editor and administration system for our customers!
  • Development for already existing sites!
  • "You get what you see" strategy - Video embeds, combined websites without extra charge!
  • Custom developed webshop operation for everybody with favourable terms.
  • Continous contact with our customers, looking for new possibilities together to have the most efficient software possible!
  • New researches in recording digitalizing and after-effect technologies.

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Main activities:
582901, Various software publishing
620101, Custom software development
620103, Webdesign
620201, IT consultancy and counseling
620901, Other IT activities
631102, Advertisement interface marketing by webhost
631105, Webhosting
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In case of foreign bank transfer, account number:
IBAN NUMBER: HU66 1040 0061 5052 6657 6690 1008
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Company name:
Speciális Szoftver
92 Pozsonyi Str., 5600 Bekescsaba, Hungary
Mailing address:
92 Pozsonyi Str., 5600 Bekescsaba, Hungary
Telephone: +36 70 941 9341

E-mail: www.specialsoftware.eu
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TAX Number: 66716723-1-24

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I couldn't belive my eyes when you showed me how easily you can accomplish the week-long accounting with only two clicks. With set attributes and parameters I can complete my work in a few minutes!

BIG International Gold Kft.

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